Metropolitain Parking Inc.

Quality and excellence in every aspect of our business is paramount. Essentially, the growth and prosperity of Metropolitan Parking Inc. can be attributed its continuous adherence to two fundamental rules:

  • Courteous service to the public at all times from the company's senior management and supervising staff, right through to its parking attendants.
  • Proper training and supervision of personnel at all corporate staff levels in in order to ensure maximization of revenue and control of operating costs.

Strict adherence to these fundamental rules has allowed Metropolitan Parking Inc. to generate and manage consolidated revenues in excess of $45,000,000 CDN for its fiscal year end 2007.

We are committed to providing clients with better solutions, making their operations become more relevant, more efficient and more profitable. It is this respectful approach to our client's needs, which allows them to meet their functional-operational requirements and their targeted budget.