Metropolitain Parking Inc.


Metropolitan Parking not only tracks a variety of revenue transactions, the company promotes the use of integrated vehicle identification modules to track all vehicles entering and leaving a parking facility. This is especially important for ensuring high integrity with respect to billing and auditing procedures. Known as PARCIM, the computerized cashier terminal offers a foolproof way of eliminating the losses of error and fraud and promotes the most effective and professional parking operation on the market.

For instance, PARCIM can track individual clients and maintains a history of "client actions", making it easy to investigate and solve problems. The system also accepts employee time cards and maintains complete shift information. Moreover, comprehensive reports are produced at the end of every shift analyzing statistically the activity and revenue of the lot. Monthly and daily reports are printed separately.

Conservative estimates, backed from real data over previous years, have indicated that PARCIM can increase your revenue from 15-27% per year, regardless of the type of parking lot. Essentially, the advantages can be summarized as follows:

  • Very high integrity of inventory
  • Provides an independent audit and verification of revenue
  • Eliminates lost revenue from lost tickets, stolen tickets and ticket swapping
  • Provides real-time inventory of vehicles in the facility, updated with each transaction
  • Provides better customer service and security
  • Supports hourly versus daily fee structure
  • Provides facility and personnel planning data based on activity by time period
  • Controls unauthorized use