Metropolitain Parking Inc.


Users of parking facilities today expect a courteous and friendly service. The availability of a parking space is no longer sufficient enough to satisfy our clientele. Metropolitan Parking Inc. has recognized this tendency for quite some time now and continues to adapt its methods of operation in order to excel in areas of customer satisfaction.

The employees of Metropolitan Parking Inc. will continue to come to the aid of clients who need assistance. It is often small gestures that are the most appreciated and noticed by clients, be it helping out with parcels, packages, minor mechanical problems, helping a client who has accidentally locked his/her keys in the car, etc. However, our program for improved quality and services not only revolve around clients, but also around employees, security and landscaping/decor. The following is a list of examples for which Metropolitan Parking Inc. has experienced considerable success and received positive feedback:

  • Valet parking
    Valet service for patrons who are in a rush to get to their final destination and/or for maximizing space productivity.
  • Car wash on-site
    Patrons get their cars washed during the course of the day, detailing exactly what they would like done (interior/exterior, wax, special detailing, use of specific products, etc.).
  • A systematic car window cleaning program
    Permit holders only have to display a menu (which is distributed to them along with their monthly passes) to request that their windows be washed during the course of the day. A note is left behind explaining that their windows have been washed and that we thank them for their patronage and look forward to serving them again.
  • Pick-up and distribution of dry-cleaning:
    In conjunction with a commercial dry-cleaning service, this allows patrons to drop off and pick-up personal items that need dry-cleaning (saving them time since they need not make a special trip elsewhere).