Metropolitain Parking Inc.


The company has also certainly kept pace with computer technology in design, engineering, access and revenue control equipment. Plans, manuals, schedules, estimates, time and cost controls are all computer generated at Metropolitan Parking Inc.

Moreover, Mr. James Essaris co-founded SKEPSI TECHNOLOGIES INC. in 1990 whose sole purpose is to develop technological applications directly linked to the parking industry. Such applications are unlike current parking equipment/systems and have been proven to be reliable and efficient throughout our parking facilities for over the past 4 years.

Our reputation

The solid reputation of Metropolitan Parking Inc. has been built project by project, year by year, with dedication towards fulfilling its assignments and agreements to the highest quality standards. Moreover, continuity in the company's direction and commitment to excellence is also ensured with a dynamic group of individuals who share both a tradition and a future.

We believe these are the reasons our distinguished clientele has repeatedly renewed its confidence throughout the years and we wish to express our most sincere thanks and offer our compliments to all.