Metropolitain Parking Inc.


Operations Administration
Over the 50 years of operating numerous high profile parking facilities, Metropolitan Parking Inc. has acquired the expertise to plan and execute the operations of first class parking facilities. Whether in the form of management, joint venture or lease portfolios, our company's record of excellence is unmatched. Metropolitan Parking Inc. has created an integrated system of tailored equipment, revenue reporting, management audits and independent reviews which enables us the control and account for revenue more accurately than anyone in the industry.

Metropolitan Parking Inc. is well-positioned to design, execute and accomplish various types of marketing programs for successfully increasing parking revenues, reducing conflicts, improving public-relations and raising awareness on important parking issues. Examples for which Metropolitan Parking Inc. has experienced considerable success and received positive feedback include our Preferred Club Member Program, Corporate Savings Program and Pre-paid Express Program. In fact, one of our important competitive advantage stems from a business philosophy based entirely on partnership, providing quality services, and developing innovative and effective marketing strategies.

Technical Services
Metropolitan Parking Inc. currently operates its own technical services centre in conjunction with Skepsi Technologies Inc. for researching and testing parking access and revenue control equipment. Skepsi technologies has also developed and patented its own computerized inventory system. Known as "PARCIM" (Parking Access and Revenue Control Information Management), this system is based on the world's leading secure network technology, with extensive reporting and tracking capabilities to help reduce losses, increase profits and deliver even higher levels of service to parking customers. More importantly, PARCIM is compatible with most existing electronic parking equipment allowing you to keep existing gates, loop detectors or ticket dispensers if desired.

Research and Development
Presently, Skepsi Technologies Inc. is set to introduce the first "Automated Vehicle Identification" (AVI) system using a "License Plate Reader" (LPR) running on a PC based platform. This tool will make use of an available imaging input device, combining automatic vision capabilities with a new pattern recognition algorithm.

Planning & Design Services
The primary goal of our planning and design services is to custom tailor development and management of parking facilities so as to maximize functional design efficiency while reducing overall construction, operation, and/or maintenance costs. Metropolitan Parking Inc. can provide the most effective layout and design for your needs. Equipment efficiency and effectiveness analysis for facility improvement is systematically conducted. We also evaluate parking patterns, customer movement and behavior to help guide rate structures that are both equitable and appropriate.

Automated Environment - Planning, Design & Support
Metropolitan Parking has extensive experience with Pay on Foot as well as Pay and Display systems servicing both daily and monthly parkers. These have been used in our facilities that have been conceived to be totally self-serve in order to reduce a large portion of the labor costs. We also work with a hand-held unit module that is an automated enforcement ticket manager. This hand held computer allows direct computing and management of infractions in the palm of one's hand.